ReliOn is a hydrogen fuel cell company leading the world in the development and marketing of modular, scalable proton exchange membrane hydrogen fuel cell technology. We provide a range of stationary fuel cells for emergency and backup power requirements, uninterruptible power supplies, and a variety of off grid power requirements. We serve private and public entities as diverse as telecommunications, railroads, utilities, and government.

Our PEM fuel cells are commercially available today. We have sold and delivered more than 5,475kW of fuel cells in the U.S. and abroad, and count among our customers major telecommunications providers, government communication sites and utilities.

In this website you can find detailed information about ReliOn and its products. But here’s a quick look.

Incorporated: 1995 (as Avista Laboratories, Inc.)
2004 (as ReliOn, Inc.)
Name: ReliOn
Location: Spokane, Washington
Facility: 29,300 square feet in Spokane, Washington for R&D, Product Development, Sales & Marketing, Administration.
Patents: 36 U.S. patents and 38 foreign patents issued covering over 1305 claims, 13 patent applications pending covering Modular Cartridge Technology® in fuel cells, power electronics and fuel processing.
Commercially Available Products: E-200™ fuel cell system,
E-1000x™ fuel cell system,
E-1100™ fuel cell system,
E-1100v™ fuel cell system,
E-2200x™ fuel cell system,
E-2500™ fuel cell system,
T-2000® fuel cell system,
Customers: Over 5,475kW of fuel cells sold to customers in the United States, Europe, South America, Australia, Africa and Asia.
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