ReliOn is an industry leader in the development of fuel cell products designed specifically to meet the stringent backup power requirements of today and tomorrow's telecommunications, utility and government sectors. Our modular, fault-tolerant architecture is the fundamental basis for the modular, scalable fuel cell solutions we use to meet the specific design requirements of our customers.

The implementation of ReliOn fuel cells follows our design philosophy — simplicity yields reliability. Our systems are connected directly to system DC plants, similar to a battery string. This bypasses the complexity of AC transfer switches and puts power where you need it — at the point of use! This philosophy also makes installation of our systems inexpensive and fast, reducing the costs to operators. For applications from under 50W to 20kW, the ReliOn power solution replaces the majority of backup batteries and mitigates the need for backup generators.

Existing Solution

Typical ReliOn Solution

At ReliOn, our focus is customer site reliability within various communications applications in the Telecommunications, Railroad, Utility, Transportation and Government industries.

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